Purple 50/50: Stay at Home Husband, is it Good?

Is there anything wrong with a husband staying at home while his wife goes to work?


Taking care of the family and house duties has traditionally been a woman’s role while the man goes to work. But times are changing and so are gender roles.

What do you think about a husband staying at home while his wife brings in the money? 

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4 weeks ago: purple Trophy
please remember that .god. craeted all. and man as a woman but can salve inch orther at any condition it only when the sapent must have come in after posetion but became wice agiument break the compound.
1 year ago:
There is no gender equality... men are created to cater for, protect, cultivate and build women. with love and affection they stand as one. Women are allowed to become who so ever she wants, but not having in mind to make that a point of equality. A single woman can claim all she wants because she is on her own but must learn to submit to the care of a man. A married woman must submit to her husband because he is the Head. And when a woman is being mistreated or cheated upon, she has the right yo either pray about it or file a divorce. The moment you begin to claim gender equality it causes chaos, and biblically it's not so. women by the leading of a man can become whoever to be proud of and not to lead.
1 year ago:
It is very wrong
4 weeks ago: purple Trophy
it right.

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