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Catch Up: Episode 6: A Quiet Moment

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Ezekiel Waku was upset with his wife for working late fro the upteenth time.

Ezekiel was at an interview for the position of head architect for a design company and was asked why he believed he was the right candidate. The interviewer was impressed after his speech and even more so after going through his design portfolio and CV.

However, the interviewer concluded that he was overqualified for the position and wouldn’t be offering him the job. He said he wanted someone who was less qualified and hungry for the position rather than someone like him who was over qualified and would always be on the lookout for other jobs in the market.

That evening,

Ezekiel  joined his friend Dr Wilson in a beer parlour and poured out his frustration about job his hunting. He was baffled that the company would decline him an offer because they deemed him overqualified. He also felt emasculated because it was his wife who was now bringing in the money for the family. However, Dr Wilson assuaged his worries and told him it was great he had a good wife who could step up in a time like this and take care of things when he couldn’t. He also shared that he was planning on starting his own practice so he could have more time to spend with his new wife Blessing.

“It’s time to start thinking of kids.” He said with flourish.

“You know what, I have a friend who’s looking for an architect. I’ll schedule an interview for you to attend with him tomorrow.” He said to Ezekiel.

Ezekiel was happy and thanked his friend for extending a helping hand.

That night

when he got back home, he shared the bad news about not getting the position with his wife Chidinma. Chidinma agreed that he was of course more than qualified for them and deserved better and he was happy that she was trying to cheer him up.

Then he told her about the interview Dr Wilson had been able to get for him. So she congratulated him and offered that he take the car to the interview while she would go to work in a taxi.

They talked about her work and the warehouse that had burned down. But soon after, they went to bed in preparation for the next day.

The next morning,

Chidinma was summoned to resume work earlier than normal. She was hurrying the children through their breakfast and informed Ezekiel that she would have to use the car after all. However, Ezekiel was upset that she was at the beck and call of her company. He couldn’t understand why they would ask her to start at 7.30AM at a moment's notice. She tried to make him understand that because of the crisis at work, things were hectic but he wasn’t happy about the situation.

“But if I use a taxi, I’ll be late for my interview!” He said annoyed.

“Darling there’s no time for me to start getting a taxi, I’ll be late for work!” Chidinma tried to reason.

They went back and forth on who should use the car or get a taxi, but Chidinma insisted she simply had to use the car to get to work at 7.30am just in time for her meeting. However, Ezekiel was upset and replied harshly.

“This sounds more than just a car issue. We clearly have to talk about what’s going on when I return!” Chidinma said and hurried out.

Coming Soon
Will Ezekiel make the appointment on time and get the job?


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