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Catch Up: Episode 5: The Visit

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Last season, Erasmus had made a deal with Dr Lillian to eradicate violence from campus.

Erasmus was in deep thought as he waited in Dr Lillian’s office. He reminisced of how all he ever wanted was to be a great leader and hoped that by joining the cult which his brothers had previously ran would make him just that. However, he was no longer interested and wanted out. He hoped Dr Lillian’s plan  would offer him a way out.

When Dr Lillian walked in, she informed him of her latest idea to bring an end to cult life on campus. She devised that by reforming it into a social cause worthy of respect, they could bring about good changes on campus. Erasmus gladly accepted her idea. However, he was doubtful that it would be received well by the cult members and swiftly told her so.

Then, Dr Lillian reminded him that the Governor was visiting the next day and implored him to keep all the cults in check. She didn’t want any disorderly behaviour. However, Erasmus said he couldn’t control what they all did and couldn’t make promise it although he would work towards it.

That night,

at Erasmus’ quarters, he gathered Target and a few other members of the Gold Dagger club and told them about Dr Lillian’s idea for the cult reforms. He tried to sell them the idea that they could be respected not only in UNITAG but also in Itagigi. They were surprised at the idea and showed their uncertainties about it but Erasmus tried to convince them that it could happen.

When he had finished speaking, Target asked to speak, and said that he didn’t believe in the reform. He enthused that as long as he was concerned, they were a cult that needed to be feared, and not holding children’s hands to cross the road.

“Bloodshed must dey!” He barked, and some of them nodded in agreement.

The next day,

Erasmus was summoned by his older siblings who were previous leaders of the cult. After a bit of chit chat, they cut into the meat of their meeting. They told him they had heard of the cult reform. They advised him to remember the reason for the cult which had been running for years. He had to live up to its legacy and ensure it carried on.

Erasmus was surprised that they had heard about it. He subtly told them that he knew what he was doing and that the cult would definitely be known. He said they had already had their own turn at running so they had to leave him to run his course and leave his own legacy.

Later on,

Erasmus had a meeting with the SUG President about the demonstration he was organising. He told him to call it off because the Governor was due to give a speech. However, the SUG President, Afolabi didn’t heed his warning and said the protest must go on as planned. He said it was high time the dilapidated state of the school’s hostels be dealt with. Their voices would be heard whether the University’s officials liked it or not. Erasmus realised there was nothing he could do, so left Afolabi to his devices.

That afternoon,

the chanting began. There was a large group of students walking around the campus ground chanting and shouting their grievances at the conditions of their living quarters.

Dr Lillian walked out of her office and was horrified at the chaos. She couldn’t believe a demonstration was going on after her talk with Erasmus to quiet things down. She was hysterical and shouted at her officials to find Erasmus.

Minutes later,

the VC walked into her office and was clearly angry at the situation as well. She tried to assure him that she had the issue under control but he didn’t want to hear any of it. He was furious because the Governor was about to give his speech when the uproar started. He stormed out after lambasting her and stating his regret in assigning a female to head the delicate post of head of the disciplinary committee.


on campus, Akpan was caught in between the riot and the cult members approaching from the distance. He quickly dialled Nifemi’s number and told her what was going on campus. She was surprised he had gone to campus given what was brewing and told him to be careful and stay away from where the action was happening. As they continued to talk over the phone, Akpan realised that one of the cultist had reached him. He began pleading and shouting that he hadn’t seen anything and that they should spare him.

Nifemi didn’t know what was going on. She could hear the scuffle over the phone, so called out Akpan’s name but no one answered.

Then she heard the bang!

Akpan had been shot.

Coming Soon
Will Akpan make it out alive? Also what will become of Erasmus and Dr Lillian?


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