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Catch Up: Episode 4: New Reality

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Alhaji Gambo had suffered a heart attack when he found out his warehouse was on fire.

At the hospital, the doctor was telling the Gambo family that Alhaji had passed the critical stages. However, he wanted him to remain at the hospital for a few weeks in order to closely monitor his condition. They were all relieved by the news and thanked Allah that it wasn’t more serious.

“Doctor how soon can I get back to work?” Alhaji asked.

“Please forget about work, you need to rest!” Hajiya scolded.

“Don’t worry baba, I’ll go to the office and see to it that everything is fine.” Abdulmalik offered.

However, Alhaji Gambo strongly refused and told him not to bother.

Later that afternoon,

Abdulmalik had called a meeting with the managers at his father’s company. He informed them that he would be in charge and that everything henceforth had to go through him. The managers were surprised at his presence and asked to verify if he was up to date with the state of affairs and if he knew the severity of the issues they were currently having. However, Abdulmalik was caught off guard at this realisation and told them that he would cross that bridge when they got there. The workers weren’t pleased by his comments and lamented their frustration.

Back at the Gambo’s residence,

Fauziya was telling her mum that she was completely out of cash and needed money in order to take care of her school needs. Unfortunately for her, Hajiya said she had just used all of the money in her account to pay for her father’s medical expenses so she would have to wait to get the family account details from her father.

This surprised Fauziya, so she asked why her mother didn’t already have access to the family account. Her mother explained that Alhaji had asked her to focus on raising the children while he dealt with the business. Although Fauziya understood her mother’s plight, she told her it was time for her to step up. She couldn’t just leave everything up to their father. She reasoned that if something was to happen to their father, they wouldn’t be able to survive because she had no clue what to do.

The next day,

Fauziya went to her father’s office and was surprised to find Abdulmalik there. She confronted him since their father had explicitly said he didn’t want Abdulmalik meddling in his business. But Abdulmalik fired back that he had come to take charge until their father could resume work.

Fauziya wasn’t moved by his words and told him that she had spoken to Mrs Waku who had shared with her the severity of the debt they were in. Their father had taken a huge gamble to be the only supplier of the cottonseed oil in West Africa. He had even gone as far as to borrow from the banks, and now that all that product had burned to the ground, they were in a big mess.

Astounded by the information, Abdulmalik remained speechless until the secretary walked in and told them that the police wanted to see the person in charge. Abdulmalik and Fauziya agreed to talk to the police, so they let them in.

When they were finally with the police, the officer in charge told them that he was there to ask several questions about the warehouse. On several occasions, Abdulmalik was unable to answer the questions, so Fauziya had to speak for him.

After answering several questions, Fauziya asked to know why they were being interrogated.To their dismay, the officer divulged that they would be interrogating everyone at the company. The fire report had concluded that the fire wasn’t an accident.

It seemed that someone had deliberately set the warehouse on fire.

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Will they find out who the culprit is?


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