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Catch Up: Episode 3: The Honeymoon

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Blessing had agreed to marry Dr. Wilson as long as she was allowed to continue with her education.

Blessing and Dr Wilson just returned from their honeymoon and Blessing was gloomy and wished they hadn’t. She wished she didn’t have to return to Itagigi and do menial chores like cleaning. She wanted to live out of hotels for as long as she could. Dr Wilson laughed and reminded her that their honeymoon couldn’t last forever.

She kept recounting the experiences they had and thanked her husband for making it possible because she had thought she would never get to travel abroad. Dr. Wilson graciously accepted her thanks and reaffirmed his commitment to take care of her. Then she giddily told him how she was going to share her new found exposure with her friends in school. Minutes later,Blessing unconsciously slipped into her old habit of speaking through her nose and putting on a foreign accent which made Dr. Wilson perplexed.

Later that afternoon,

Blessing went to visit her friends on campus and was excitedly telling them about her trip to Paris for her honeymoon. She told them about the presidential suite Dr Wilson booked for them, and her friends couldn’t believe it and were happy for her. However, she started showing off andtalked about the different places she visited, comically mispronouncing each place. This made the girls amused and caused them to laugh at her.

After the girls left, her good friend Ronke expressed her concerns that she wouldn’t be taken seriously if she continued to put on an act. Blessing then sullenly confessed that she was only trying to keep up with them. So Ronke offered to give her a few tips on etiquette and pronunciation.

Later that evening,

Dr. Wilson’s friends joined him and Blessing for dinner. Blessing was gleefully displaying her newly acquired etiquette and succeeded which made Dr. Wilson’s friends impressed.

However, when she felt intimidated by one of the guest’s impressive job, she quickly succumbed to the pressure and slipped back into her fake accent and started  mispronouncing words which made Dr. Wilson embarrassed when his friends started laughing at her. His good friend Ezekiel even teased him and threw subtle jabs at Blessing.

After the dinner and the guests had left, Blessing was excited about how the night had gone and told Dr. Wilson that they had to host his friends again, but Dr. Wilson was cold and said that they wouldn’t be doing that in a long time.

The next afternoon,

Blessing went to her parents house and complained to her mother that Dr. Wilson had been cold and unresponsive. So Mama Blessing asked what the state of affairs was  in the home and if Blessing feeds him and takes care of him in all departments. Blessing replies were gruff as she saw no reason to fuss over Dr. Wilson who she believed to be an adult capable of taking care of himself.

Mama Blessing was surprised and offered tips and tricks on how she could keep her husband warm and receptive, like kneeling to give him food and not calling him by his first name.

That night,

When Blessing got back home she started acting sweeter and warmer to Dr. Wilson. She fussed over him and offered him food and drink, but he was still withdrawn and asked for only water.

After a while, he asked why she was acting different but, Blessing feigned ignorance, stating that she wasn’t acting any different than she usually did. This irritated Dr. Wilson and he demanded that she stop acting and just be herself.

This made Blessing confused, but Dr. Wilson only got more irritated and to walked out.

Coming Soon
Will Blessing change her ways and stop putting up an act?


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