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Catch Up: Episode 2: Total Recall

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Last season, Saleh had gone missing from the hospital and his whereabouts was unknown.

Saleh was finally out of hiding after running away from the hospital. When he got to his house, he found his things outside on the floor. Confused as to why they were there, he asked a neighbour and was told that since he hadn’t paid his rent and was missing for a week, the landlord had thrown his things out and locked the doors. Saleh was very upset because most of his belongings were missing. 

He then called Terver who worked at his Cyber cafe, to help him pack his things to the cafe, but again, he received bad news as his cafe had been locked up.

Saleh was even more alarmed and hoped his equipments were safe, so Terver assured him that everything was locked up inside.

Later that evening,

Saleh went to the den to visit Field Marshall to borrow some money to fix his rent problems. However, Field Marshall refused to borrow him any money as he was unsure that Saleh would pay him back in good time and recounted past incidents were Saleh had failed him.   

As Saleh left the den dejected, Skoron followed quickly on his heels and handed him a bag of cocaine and said he could use it to feel better. However, Saleh told him that he wasn’t interested because even if he forgot all his problems, by the time the drug wore off, his problems would still be there waiting for him. But Skoron wasn’t having any of it. He was annoyed that Saleh would reject a gift he had given him and insisted that Saleh take it with him. Resigned, Saleh grabbed the bag and walked off.

With no place left to go, Saleh went home to his parents’ house who were happy to see him. They asked if he was feeling better and how school was going. They emphasized that they were all proud of him and waiting for him to graduate.

All this while, Saleh was quiet, so they asked why he hadn’t shown them his reports or grades from exams, and he began to stutter. Finally, with a heavy heart, he revealed that he was no longer in school but planned to go back. At this news, his father was dumbfounded and stated his disappointment in Saleh. It was especially painful because they had saved all their earnings to put him through school, and couldn’t believe that after all they had gone through, he was going to amount to nothing. Saleh tried to plead with them, but the damage was already done. They walked out in anger and disbelief.

The next day,

Saleh returned home to find his mother in the kitchen with his bag. Alarmed, he asked what she was doing with it, and she said she had used the sugar to prepare pap for his father. Saleh was speechless and asked her to handover the remaining contents of the bag. When she did, he poured it down the drain as she watched confused, asking him why he was throwing away the sugar. Saleh told her not to worry that she wouldn’t understand, but before he could go any further, they heard his father singing and dancing from the parlour, muttering gibberish.

Saleh was alarmed, just as his mother was perplexed.

Coming Soon
Will Saleh come clean about the contents of the bag?.


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