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Catch Up: Episode 1: Fire Fire

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Last season, Fauziya had travelled to London with Bala and had a pregnancy scare.

Fauziya and Jasmine had just finished a lecture and were off to their hostel when Jasmine realised that Fauziya had been gloomy all morning. She teased her as Bala’s first lady, but Fauziya didn’t find it funny and told her that she never wanted to hear his name again.

“Na wa o. I don’t understand how you can hate a guy that fulfilled a dream every girl would die for!”

“Hmm, after the pregnancy scare I had? Let’s leave it as a dream!”

“Thank God it was only a missed period o, your father would have killed you!”

At the mention of her father, Fauziya said she didn’t understand what was going on because she had called him several times as she was running out of cash, but he seemed moody and hardly picked her calls.

“A whole daddy’s girl?” Jasmine asked surprised.

Fauziya decided that she would go to his office and speak to him in person because he might have just been so busy to have not reached out to her. She hoped he would at least write a cheque for her. Hearing this, Jasmine decided to tag along, also hoping that he would dash her some money since she was Fauziya’s good friend.  


In Alhaji Gambo’s office,a top management meeting was going on. Alhaji Gambo was upset at the sales report he had received from the Sales manager, and demanded to know why the sales had been decreasing steadily. Then he turned to Mrs Chidinma Waku, the Operations Manager and asked why the goods they had been expecting a week ago from Malaysia still hadn’t arrived.

Fortunately, Chidinma revealed that just before the start of the meeting, she had been informed that the goods had arrived and were being cleared to be taken to their biggest warehouse, Warehouse H. However, Alhaji Gambo wanted an explanation as to why it had taken so long, and when she couldn’t give a suitable answer, he admonished her and stated that she hadn’t even been the Operations manager for more than 6 months and was already slacking. He added that he wanted the full report as soon as possible. Then he turned to the others and told them that they had till the end of the day to provide a workable plan to revive sales or they could forfeit their jobs.

On the other side of the meeting room door, Fauziya and Jasmine were waiting for the meeting to be done so she could speak to her father. After a while, Fauziya got anxious and asked the secretary how much longer it would take because she had to head back to campus to attend her other lectures. However, the receptionist informed her that they might be in there for longer because of the problems they had been experiencing with their cottonseed oil product. The lady said that there had been rumours that the cottonseed oil was poisonous, so that had been causing a slump in their sales.

As the secretary was still explaining the issue, an irritated Alhaji Gambo walked out and was surprised to see his daughter. Still in a sour mood, he asked harshly what she was doing at his company. Fauziya tried to explain that she had come to collect some money, but he caught her off and shouted at her to get back to University. He couldn’t believe that she had come all the way to his office. Fauziya tried to plead her case, but he snapped and told her to stop being spoilt, and then he stormed off.

Fauziya was stunned by her father’s reaction and had to be pushed to leave by Jasmine who was worried he would come back before they left.

Later that evening,

Chidinma was instructing a worker on the reports document she intended to pass on to other departments when she received a call. It was her husband and he was annoyed that she was working late again and demanded to know when she would return home. Chidinma tried to explain that things were tough at work and she was under a lot of pressure and had been given an ultimatum, but he was unperturbed by her explanations and asked again when she would return so he could tell their children. As she was about to respond, the worker rushed in and said in an alarming voice that he had just received word that Warehouse H was on fire. Chidinma was shocked and told her husband she had to go and hung up the call.


In Alhaji Gambo’s office, he was having a discussion with the accounts manager about an account that still wasn’t adding up when Chidinma bursted in.

Alhaji Gambo was surprised to see her come in like that and asked if she couldn’t see he was in a meeting. In a shaky voice, Chidinma relayed the bad news she had just received. Their biggest warehouse which contained all the goods that had arrived was burning to the ground.

Stunned by the revelation, Alhaji Gambo tried to speak but collapsed to the floor in a heart attack.

Coming Soon
Would any of the goods in the warehouse be salvaged? Would Alhaji Gambo recover?


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