Your Quick Guide To Writing A Good CV.

Looking for a good job in Nigeria requires a high level of skill, intellect, sophisticated degrees and a trailer load of luck!

The job market in Nigeria is fiercely competitive because a thousand and one people are willing to compete for one vacancy spot! To be on top of the game you therefore have to be able to sell yourself impeccably to your employer and this requires a good Curriculum Vitae (CV).

A good CV will always go before you and make things easier because you definitely will not be there to tell the potential employer how fantastic you are!

This week Purple presents your quick guide to writing a cv and landing the job of your dreams!


  • First, please mind your grammar.


Research has shown that 56% of employers will throw out and shred any CV that has spelling and grammatical errors! A potential employer has a lot of CVs to through. They definitely will not give any precious time to any CV filled with grammatical and spelling errors.


  • Tailor it to the job.


This is pretty simple. Your CV is not a “one size fits all” CV. You cannot submit a CV meant for the job of a writer for the position of a bank manager! You may have a lot of skills that would be relevant to an employer, however, always make sure to tailor your CV for the specific job you are applying for.


  • A good format is key!


A clean, well formatted CV speaks well of you. Bullet points can be used to neatly separate the different aspects of the CV. Some important information that must be listed in your CV includes: your personal information, educational qualifications, past relevant work experience, achievements, skills and references.


  • Keep it Short .


When writing your CV, please note that it is not your life story. No employer has the time to read a lengthy CV. Although this varies for different organizations, it is always good to keep your CV brief and succinct but make sure to put in all your accomplishments. 2 pages max is a good rule to follow.


  • Lastly, do not lie!


Try to be very sincere when you write your CV and tell nothing but the truth. The last thing you want is to get caught in a lie when you finally get called in for an interview.


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We hope you found this helpful. Next week, we will bring you some quick tips on how to prepare for and ace a job interview!

Stay cool on Purple!

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Its helpful And i gain not to lie .

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