What you missed at Social Media Week Lagos 2017

Missed out on Social Media Week Lagos 2017? No worries, check out what went down!

Day 1: How Purple are you?

We set up the Purple stand and introduced guests to the Purple message. Guests also took the popular Purple quiz, How Purple Are You?, and gave away some cool prizes.

Want to find out how purple you are? Take the quiz to find out!

Day 2: Creating a 50/50 workplace

We looked at how we can use technology to employ more women and create a 50/50 workplace.

Guest speakers were Waje, Adebola Williams and other influential women. They all shared their thoughts on how social media can be used to have a balanced mix of men and women.

Day 3: African Women in Tech Luncheon

The guest list was impressive. From the Minister of state to the CEO of Tara House, the Purple luncheon was filled with successful & inspiring women.

The luncheon gave like-minded women the space to discuss how social media can be used to increase the presence of women in tech.

Day 3: Purple’s Masterclass on Empowering Girls Through Tech

The second part of this day was dedicated to discussing how more young girls and women can be included in online gender empowerment conversations.

Maya Horgan, founder of Ingrassive, gave three tips on how young girls and women can become successful founders of tech companies:

  1. Ignore criticisms and focus on what you want to achieve as a woman
  2. Develop all the skills required to be a top woman in tech
  3. Remember that the stats are in your favour as you strive to make a mark

Day 4: Using Social Media & Technology to stop violence against women

We are dedicated to ending violence against girls & women and we took this message to Social Media Week Lagos.

On day 4, the Purple team shared the importance of using social media to educate on gender equality, respect and unity between everyone, but more so between men and women.

It was a week of innovative discussions and the best minds coming together to explore how we can use social media to promote a 50/50 world!

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