Street Harassment Isn't Cool... End It!

Hey Purple People, It’s another beautiful week and it has been marked out as the International Anti-Street Harassment Week. We love International Celebrations but this week is special and this post is for our guys! Our special, Purple Guys!

Here are 6 things guys can do to help stamp out street harassment: 


First Know What It Is:

 We were curious about the definition of ‘Street Harassment’ and we are sure you are too! Street Harassment is defined as unwanted and unwelcomed public attention, most often directed at girls and women. This often has demeaning and damaging effects on our lovely ladies.

Stop & Speak Out:

 When next you are on the road to Iya Basira’s stall to eat that sweet scented jollof and you see someone harassing a lady, don’t just walk by! Stop and speak out! This way, you will be playing an important role in ending street harassment!

Lead By Example:

You are the boss and the boss is always on top of his game! Do an inward reflection and stop any discriminatory attitudes that may cause harm to the ladies!

Be A Role Model:

 Now, it is time for you to own the boss role! Talk to your family and friends and advise them to treat the ladies with dignity and respect!

Challenge Language and Behaviour!

 Challenge demeaning and offensive jokes, comments and behaviours directed at the ladies! Don’t take part in them and certainly do not laugh at such jokes!

Act Accordingly…

 Do not cause a fight in the process! Always be sure to assess the risk and challenge the behaviour in such a way that will help defuse the situation calmly. If you need to, ask for help. Check with the lady and ask her if she is alright and assure her that not all men act this way.

These are the 6 ways to put a stop to street harassment and of course, be a Purple Gentleman!

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1 year ago: purple Trophy
And finally take all ladies as your sisters , do not let someone to harass your sister.

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