Purple @ Social Media Week Lagos

Yay! PURPLE will be at Social Media Week Lagos!

What’s Social Media Week Lagos?

This is a time when all the tech and social media masterminds gather to explore the ways social media impacts social, cultural and economic environments.

For instance, thanks to social media there has been an increase in the number and variety of job opportunities for everyone, men and women, old and young alike!

But such change can only continue if we take a 50/50 approach when it comes to who belongs in the workplace.

Who’ll be at Social Media Week Lagos?

Leaders from business, government and popular culture will speak about real ways social media and tech can open their sectors to real change, as well as the benefit this can bring to their organisations.

Purple’s Message at Social Media Week Lagos

Purple’s key message is that women and men deserve equal opportunities and young people should start being leaders, as of today!

This can create societies where everyone wins and has a voice.

Get Involved and Learn Something New!

How can technology help us achieve these goals and keep the trend alive?

You can find the answers from our sessions:

  1. Bytes for Everyone: How Technology Can Create More Seats at the Table
  2. Connected African: Empowering Young Women Through Tech
  3. Making Social Media Work For Women
  4. Using Technology & Social Media To Counter Violence Against Women & Girls

We have seasoned experts and professionals to discuss these topics. There’s nothing like hearing it from the source – our speakers will illustrate the entire discussion with their experiences.

Registration is FREE!

Check out the schedule here and reserve your seat!

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