Purple Ninjas Taking Action: #FeedbackFriday

This week’s #FeedbackFriday goes out to all the Purple friends taking action by teaching and promoting 50/50 values to their friends, family, and community.

Check them out and get inspired!

Adimonsee, Lagos:

Well the knowledge I gained from Purple was actually passed across to my younger sister who recently has been complaining about her teacher who slapped on her face which left marks of the teachers' fingers on her face, all this happened because she lost her textbook and they were supposed to use it the teacher came to class.

I recently explained to her that there are different types of power and the type of power exercised by teacher is power over which means she is your superior and she believes whatever she does is right but it's not supposed to be so.

She was very attentive and then asked me what kind of power does she exercise and I told her that she have a power within which aspires for the best. She was very happy and then asked me "

How do u know all these, do u still do government or citizenship education ?" But I told her I read it on I am Purple and she amazed such sites existed

Unyimeobong Akpan, Akwa Ibom:

I shared a female empowerment magazine with my Mom, it's called EFFECTUAL. I dropped it where she would see it, she loves feminism...and she did pick it and go through it. I could see she loved it.

And last night I stood up to my cousin(male) about some Nigerian stereotype against females and I had my younger sister's support, it was a boy-against-girls' fight, it wasn't a serious though. We laughed over it but the point was made and the girls won!

Paul Philips, Enugu:

Hi! Purple !!! I was trilled to know i could set up a little talk/seminar all by myself! It was cool couz i have always loved to teach nd mentor people!!! Kodus to paul phillips and his course mates who attended the seminar!!! It was educating! Interactive, interesting and fun!!! #Omobaphillip

Adesayo, Lagos:

It has improve my self esteem and confidence.i have achieved a lot of tinz on my own by inspiring others and giving advices which purple also publish and stop others from being bully and felt worthless or think of taking their lives. am proud of purple,kudos to u.

Ander Pierre, Edo:

I visited my uncle weeks ago, only to meet him punching and beating his wife. I was so disappointed because that ain't how our parent brought us up.

I sat him down and had a little conversation about purple with him, i introduced him to purple and soon he realised that women need to be specially taken care of, not beating them domestically.

He apologised to his wife with a new car and also promised not to beat her again #Let_stop_violence_against_women #Anti_Violence

Bazanta, Akwa Ibom:

There's a saying: "like attracts like". Associating myself with purple confirms that statement to be true. In my region, we have a lot of Hausa people living among us.

We always watch football matches together. But some of my home boys will want to make these our brothers from the north to feel bad by telling them "they should go their place".

I've always stood up to Rebuke them and tell them the purple message and how bad it was of us to live an uncivilised life.

Today, we take pics, watch and discuss football together with our northern brothers. Up purple! Up equality! Up peaceful co-existence.

Desmartso, Kaduna:

I spread the purple message to my course and roommate, I introduce him to purple academic, telling him how perfect women can act responsibly in politics.

I used to say....if she can help in building her family, sh can do more in the society when she is givin a chance to do it. in my class when the lecturer has left or not yeat cam.

I do gather my female and male friends and there I bring out a topic about leaving a life in a 50/50 world, how good and great it will be. in fact I do say to them that, imagine leaving a life without females how the world could have looked like? ave now educate my frns abt leaving a 50/50 life. I'MPURPLE I STAND WITH PURPLE. I BELIEVE IN A 50/50 WORLD.

Suleiman, Kogi:

I told my friends about purple but at first they complained it was not fun n I advice them b patient, now they keep disturbing me about purple and how it changing their lives.

Thanks to all our Purple change makers!

Have you taken action? Share your story!

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