Keep the Purple spirit alive!

Dear Purple Ninja,

This has been an unforgettable journey but now it comes to an end. I Am Purple is saying goodbye, but the Purple spirit lives on with you!

Together you’ve become a trend-setting youth movement dedicated to helping everyone reach their fullest potential, irrespective of their gender.

Purple fans know that:

  • There is no excuse for violence against women and girls. Violence holds us all back
  • Women can lead, and men can lead.
  • We can recognise and celebrate the strengths of women and girls in leadership and decision-making
  • Women and men make better decisions together. When we value others’ contributions, we all win!
  • 50/50 does not reduce the position of men, instead it promotes collaboration, mutual respect, and fairness for all.

We know that you don’t need the Purple site to continue this important work. The Purple spirit lives in you all!

Go on, Generation 50/50 - take Purple to the streets - we believe in you!

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There are so many things that you can do, so we’ve put together a list to help get you started:

  • Speak to other people about 50/50 values (giving equal opportunities and respect to both women and men
  • Write a social media post in support of 50/50 values
  • Show your support of women in leadership roles by voting for a woman
  • Show your support by encouraging women you know to take on leadership roles
  • Pursue a leadership role, if you feel you have it in you
  • Speak to other people about the need to stop violence against women and girls
  • Take active steps to stop violence against women e.g. run or join an event
  • Get all your friends together for a group talk on gender stereotypes
  • Challenge negative stereotypes and get others to do the same

Join other communities

Purple may be closing, but there are loads of other communities where you can get involved and continue the conversation about creating a 50/50 world where women and men play a more equal role at home, in school, and in life.

  • Springster

    A community created by girls, for girls to gain access reliable information and positive role models so they are empowered to reach their full potential.
  • GenderHub

    A free online resource that aims to strengthen the cadre of gender expertise and its application in Nigeria.
  • Make Naija Stronger

    A Nigerian advocacy community where you can take action for a better and more prosperous Nigeria.
  • True Talk Naija

    A woman’s empowerment forum where young university graduates use stage play to showcase what women go through in the society.

    An online publication sharing nigerian women’s stories, opinions, issues, debates, advice, news etc.
  • Every Girl Every Woman

    A youth led organization focused on key social challenges affecting girls and women in Sokoto, northern Nigeria.
  • Wikigender

    A global platform to share research, data and solutions to advance gender equality.
  • Men Engage

    A global alliance looking to engage men and boys in gender equality.

Thank you for each and every Purple Ninja who helped improve the lives of Naija men and women.

Goodbye from the Purple team.

Know any other communities where Purple Ninjas can get involved? Why not share them in the comments below!

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oju sunday 1 year, 7 months ago:
why leave,just stay.
Hifet Omojola 1 year, 7 months ago:
purple academy, pls y re u leaving, u av really helped me to bring out my potential in life. Pls dnt leave me;(;(;(
Atsua Donald Orduen 1 year, 7 months ago: purple Trophy
Why is purple going away?