#FeedbackFriday: Teaching our parents and friends!

This #FeedbackFriday feature goes out to all the Purple Ninja’s who have taught their family and friends about Purple’s 50/50 values.

Have a look and get inspired!

Anike: Lagos

I spoke to my dad about gender discrimination. I made him understand that all children are born equal the fact that he is a boy she is a girl does not make d girl child an animal she has every right to education like the male child and right to her own decisions as well cos she is human.

Xrizzy: Rivers

guess what purple minds, I did it again. I haven't heard about purple or known that a web gold mine like this where golden purple minds are mined existed but when I saw iampurple in an advert, i gave it a go and i have learnt a lot over the week. I tried to share this with my friends and guess what, i got them. When i ask them to differentiate between sex and gender. Though they tried, i took my time to teach them all i have learnt here and before i finish, they have already been captured. I gave them the purple address and encourage them to register and learn more. I have also planned to organize a school program using all i have learnt here, remembering that if he can, she can and with purple, everybody can. Xrizzy Xriss. I am purple.

Emma: Bayelsa

i tell my friends, my brothers, sisters father, mother about purple, the way his has help me and i have tell they the with purple all things are possible, i am proud to be in 50/50 world.

Paranormal: Oyo

I told friends about the 50/50 world 'which is my 'watchward' and i encourages women to step out of their comfort zones, to see beyond their physical eyes and go for leadership position and make positive impact in their own generation; some says they CAN'T and i told them they CAN if they can come to purple academy... #Iampurple.ng #My50/50World #IBelieveInGenderEquality #AkinlabiDavid #Paranormal

Nenye: Lagos

i was busy with my phone when dad came to call me for dinner, he was kind of nenye what are u doing,i said am a PURPLE,whats purple he askd? at 1st i laughd ,and i askd him daddy do u like female leaders who,he said women can’t lead i have to go back to chapter 1 and explain everytin to him i made him answer all purple question he was happy abt it,he called on phone dat he just stepped down for mrs moren and everybdy joined him to give her a chance,she called me on phone and i shared d purple website with her,i can’t thank purple website enough.

Purple-Prestone: Imo

After A Day that I Got linked up to this #Academy,though accidentally,I Thought To MySelf That It Would Be Selfish Of Me to keep it all to myself.. AfterAll,everyone deserves light.... So I Shared the idea with my bestie,and she appreciated it... Even Though I'm yet to read from her testimonies... Also To My Neighbour,Whom Only Had said that she's gonna meet me to share the link with her to register,once she gets her new phone.... #PurpleIsGreat

General Renzel: Lagos

Since the as I joined this great purple event, I have inspired some of my friends to join too and be a purple Academy graduate by taking the courses and sharing their views about gender stereotypes and gender socialization....

Toyin: i told most of my female sister abt purple and what they teach me dey were surprised at first but now they so much purple dat anywhere they go always talkin abt purple and its benefit.

Temi Tee: Lagos

With purple I actually made my aunty realise she should not consider stereotypes she usually give her son a small amount of money while she gave her daughter a large sum when going to school in the name of he is a man then one day I find courage sat her down explain to how that will be affecting her and her children life,she then realise her mistake and ask me how I know this stuff I tell her Am A PURPLE PERSON.

Thanks to all our Purple change makers!

Have you taken action and shared Purple values with your family or friends? Share your story!

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