BA Spotlight: Modinat Opeyemi Adetoro

Our Brand Ambassadors are important to us! They are our Purple soldiers who go out into the world and spread the message of 50/50!

Modinat is one of those distinguished ambassadors and we are proud to be shining our spotlight on her this week!

We had a discussion with her to know her views and what makes her Purple!


  • What is your name and tell us a little about yourself (e.g course of study, hobbies, a little of your family background)

My name is Adetoro Modinat Opeyemi AKA Swagga Alhaja and I am a final year student of Lagos State Polytechnic studying Estate Management and Valuation. I currently hold the post of faculty lady Vice President (School of Environmental Studies) and also the Deputy Senate President of NAKSS (National Association of Kwara State Student) nationwide.

I come from a family of 12 and I am the 5th daughter of my family with 7 elder siblings and 4 younger siblings. My favourite food is amala with ewedu and gbegiri soup and my favourite colour is purple and pink. I am a lady of equality and I believe in 50/50 and Gender equality and because of this, some of my school mates call me "mama equality". I also like helping people around me and bringing them more closer to their dreams. Reading, sport (football) and dancing are my hobbies and every 13th of July is my birthday!


  • How has your life been affected/shaped by your experiences with Purple? Any Testimonials?

Wow Purple, Purple Purple! I see myself as a fire and Purple as the petrol and we all know how fire reacts when you pour petrol into it! It has been a really great experience with Purple that I can't even mention it all. Through Purple I have learnt about the various forms of power- the power to influence, power within and so on. I have also been able to understand that people around us appreciate the power that influences, directs, motivates, coordinates and makes them look important in the society.  The power to influence and share knowledge to people around you is one of the main aims of Purple and now I am powerful because I've been using my power to influence people in my community to make them understand what Purple really is and how important they are in the society. Wow! Purple has made me a unique lady and I am so happy.


  • What activities have you done or do you plan to do as a Purple Brand Ambassador and what activities have you been engaged in?

 As a Purple ambassador, various activities has been carried out in my school such as the 50/50 rally that held in my school LASPOTECH. We also held a ‘Bring Back our Girls’ rally at Ikoyi Lagos and a career day talk in Sokoto State. We organized a symposium for Purple aspirants during the SUG election in my school and we are still planning to do more activities that focuses on allowing the voice of the Nigerian woman to be heard and giving her the chance to lead. All these activities are to promote gender equality and to sensitize people to the Purple values.


  • What have you learnt in the Purple Academy and how would you encourage others to take the course?

 On the Purple Academy, I have learnt how to distinguish between facts and stereotypes in my society and I have also encouraged 180 people to register for the Purple Academy online courses in other to change their orientations and also expose them to other courses that will teach them about how women should be respected and treated in our society. I really like the online courses!


  • What can be done to prevent violence against young girls and women?

 Young girls and women need to be respected in the society and I believe that effective change starts from our various homes, families, friends, peer groups and religious places. We need to stop violence and prevent ourselves from perpetrating all forms of violence in our society. For me, this can start by doing orientation seminars for those that are just joining Purple and also for those that are already in Purple.


  • What does a 50/50 world mean to you? Give one idea of what anyone can do to make sure we have a 50/50 world.

 50/50 world is a world of equality where both genders (men and women) share in the same opportunities, are respected and have the  same equal rights and power. It is a world where a woman can have a say in her family decisions and also be given the chance to lead. A 50/50 world is one where a woman is seen as an important and valuable human being.


  • What is your dream job/career and where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

 I am already working towards being a professional estate surveyor and valuer. I will also like to venture into business and become a successful business woman and also a successful female politician because I like politics a lot! I would also love to get married and have a sweet home of my own. I can't wait to have my own Purple children!

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