About Purple Tinz

Purple Tinz is a radio series set in the world of Itagigi, a fictional community inhabited by remarkable characters.

Their stories and relationships come to life as they deal with their challenges, aspirations, heartbreaks, yearnings, successes and failures. Action mainly takes place in University of Itagigi(a.k.a UNITAG), a ghetto area of the community and New GRA where our characters interact!

In season 1season 2, season 3 and season 4 we met some very interesting characters, some of whom are back in season 5!


Some of the main characters:

  • Fauziya, an adventurous middle class teenage girl who’s a jambite and aspires to join the military but keeps it on the down low for fear of her parents reaction that no man will marry an overbearing and opinionated woman.

  • Saleh, the guy with the somewhat reckless lifestyle who will do anything for money and to save his ageing parents the heartbreak of finding out he will never get a university degree.

  • Nifemi, the opinionated jambite who against all odds got second place in the SUG Presidential election last season.

  • Blessing, who’s bent on going to University even though she has now fulfilled her father’s dream of getting married.

  • Erasmus, the campus cult King who is ruthless as he is kind to the females in his life, especially for Fauziya whom he has a crush on.

  • Kabiru, a young mechanic with a dangerous streak.


What next?

Season 5 will introduce some new characters you will love! Look out for several other interesting characters who mirror people you may know.

This edition of Purple Tinz is very special as it contains a reality radio programme that will enlighten you and keep you captivated! The drama sounds so real, it will feel like you're right there in all the action!

Experience how they grapple with their emotions and societal expectations.

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