6 Tips on how to manage a long distance relationship- Daniel Ogunlolu

Love is a beautiful thing and we all love our relationships. However, long distance relationships are really hard to manage and keep the spark burning. This week, our Purple person Daniel Ogunlolu gives us 6 fabulous tips on how to manage a long distance relationship! Enjoy!

Maintain constant communication:

 Try messaging frequently. Calls are better but video chat is the best. When you video chat you can do stuff like praying together or even eating together just to create the feeling he/she is really with you.

Think about wonderful moments you have spent together:

This will help to strengthen the bonds of your relationship and it allows you to value your relationship with your partner.

Keep something that belongs to her/him:

Always ensure that you keep something that reminds you of him/her if possible something that can be worn like wrist watches, necklace.

Go through  pictures, videos and messages:

 When bored or free, read past messages and chat or go through media files that he/she are in. This helps to create an atmosphere that is similar to when she/he is really with you.

Remember sacrifices you both have made in the past for your love:

 There are certain times you made decisions that were not really comfortable but you did so just to make him/her happy, or times when he/she had to deny him/herself of some certain pleasure like being with their family just to be with you. Remember those times.

Try planning dates once in a while:

 In a situation where both lovers are in different higher institutions but still in the same country, try to figure out how you can see each other, even if it is once a month. This helps more than all  the other points listed. It might be difficult, expensive or almost impossible, but true love involves taking risks and making sacrifices.


"True love is like a flower, it needs to be nurtured frequently, if you fail to do so, it dies"

                                            Daniel Ogunlolu

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