6 Reasons why you should take the Purple Academy!

There is a popular saying that says “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” and we totally agree!

Purple is all about empowering youths all over Nigeria to achieve their full potential and be the best that they hope to be and we are doing this through the Purple Academy. Here are 6 reasons why you should start and finish the Purple Academy: 

  1. Unlock the greatness in you!
    There are many things we aren’t taught in school and when we finally go out into the real world we find ourselves struggling to cope and keep up!

    Purple recognizes that there are some valuable skills we all need if we must get to the top and so Purple Academy, our e-course, is here to teach us and open our eyes to a whole new world of facts! And guess what, it is totally free!

  2. Learn about Gender, Sex & Stereotypes
    Learn the differences between Gender and Sex and also learn about Gender Stereotypes and how you can rise above them and be a better, smarter person.

  3. Get your communication skills right!
    Many of us think we have mastered the art of communication but we still encounter problems communicating with people in our everyday lives. Our boyfriends don’t know what we want, we can’t seem to understand our girlfriends and we aren’t able to get our lives on track! It’s pretty simple. Take the Purple Academy chapter, learn valuable communication skills and get your life back!

  4. Power & Leadership- Be a master of the game!
    Who doesn’t want to rule the world? At least our own corner of the world? We all know that power and the ability to lead well are 2 valuable skills that will help us reach our goals. Learn the various forms of power, the qualities of a good leader and master them all!

  5. Get your love life right!
    Learn how to build a healthy relationship and discover the importance of sexual consent in building a solid relationship with your partner. Trust us, you will not be taught this in school!

  6. Lastly, do it because others say so!
    We have had some feedback from a lot of Purple users who have taken the Purple Academy and they were amazing!

    Bolanle said “the lesson (on power) is a fantastic one. I now believe in the power within me that it is sufficient to pull me through. Thanks to PURPLE!”

    Another Purple user, Bright Ogbegie, told us that Purple Academy had changed his life for good! He had this to say: “Wow!  I completed Chapter 1 myself!  what have you done to me? This is a life changing experience for me. The time i spent here is worth it!”

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1 year ago: purple Trophy
Then I Had A Negative View Of Purple But By Going Through The Purple Academy My Misconceptions On Purple Was Cleared Before I Thought Purple Was Advocating For A Woman To Be Like A Man And Challenge A Man On Life Affairs But Now I Know What Purple Is All About... If I Got Married I Make A Vow To Support My Wife And Daughters To The Very Best My Father Made A Mistake For Not Allowing My Elder Sisters To Pursue Their Dreams In Higher Education From Experience Female Children Have More Sympathy To Their Parents Than Male Children
1 year ago:
i really like this purple academy.its cool
1 year ago:

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