5 Songs that say ‘yes’ to gender equality!

Music nowadays is often criticised as being insensitive and discriminatory towards women. But a lot of artists are rejecting these ideals and showing equal respect and love towards women.

If a song uses derogatory words towards women, over time people will start using those words towards women in everyday life.

At the same time, when artists show women respect and love it can have the same effect. That's why we commend these artists who went the extra mile to show what women mean to them. 

Check out our list...

5. Fela Kuti - Lady (1972)

Old but gold, Kuti released this song twelve years after Nigeria gained its independence. 

“I wan tell you about “lady” / She go say im equal to man / She go say im get power like man / She go say anything man do”

The lyrics speak about women in a way that emphasizes gender equality. This song came out in the early 70’s when steps towards gender equality were at their early stages, which makes the message more remarkable.

4.Drake - You & the 6

One of the hottest rappers right now, Drake took some time off his usual music to acknowledge the influence his mother had in his life.

“Know I don't call enough momma. I just been working with so little time for personal momma. Hard labour let me pay the price. You and the six raised me right that saved my life.”

In his lyrics, he emphasises how his mother “saved his life” by raising him in the manner that she did, as a single mother. 

3.Tupac Shakur - Keep Ya Head Up

Not only did Tupac show appreciation to all the single mothers, in Dear Mama, he also showed appreciation and love to all the women, young and old, in Keep Ya Head Up.

"And since we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman...I wonder why we take from our women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it's to to heal our women, be real to our women..."

In this song, Tupac encourages men to treat women with love and respect instead of hurting them. 

2. Banky W - Yes/No

Like many Banky W songs, Yes/No is playing on the narrative of wooing a woman. Banky W does this with a degree of class and respect. 

"Say you’ll be my lover (No Yes No Yes No)
Would you be my lover?
Perhaps you can be my lover"

Banky W seems to understand the notion of consent in this video and the chorus emphasises this. While Banky W is trying to be as smooth and romantic as possible, it is clear that he values and respects a woman's choices in choosing a man to love.

1.D'Banj - Extraordinary

In his own words D’Banj (Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo) described the song as “Dedicated to every extraordinary women out there. This one is specially for you.”

D’banj unapologetically went out of his way to raise awareness for women empowerment and gender equality.

"I will make you my baby, cause you're one kind of a lady
You're that girl that captured my heart
As she revealed herself in the night of the day"

D’Banj celebrates women in Extraordinary with his dedication of the song towards the cause of gender equality. The lyrics are very simple but play an important part in his promotion of the value of women in society.

Do you think we missed a song or artist? Let us know in the comments!

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i love my korede Bello
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to some extent women should be given de respect dat dey actaully,becus there's ds philosophy about educating a male child which tends to be an individual but educating a girl child deals on a generation of communities
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Love My Sweetheart Davido

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