5 Fun Reasons to Read More!

All the reading that we do especially in our Nigerian schools is enough for us to just hate reading books! Some of us who are lucky enough to have graduated from these higher institutions swore never to open another book for months after graduation!

But Purple people don’t give up and here are 5 fun reasons why we should all pick up the habit of reading:


  • Workout Your Brain.


We are always ready to  do some exercises to burn a little fat. This makes us healthy. Reading has the same effect on your brain. Books are exercises for the brain. It stimulates your thinking and burns out the fat of the brain called ignorance!


  • Journey Round The World Like Columbus.


Be an explorer, an adventurer and a traveler at the snap of your fingers! When you read books, you have the front row seat to travel round the world, see different cities, journey with different characters and see life through their eyes. You do not have to spend years like Columbus did. All you need is a day!


  • Get Rich… With Knowledge.


Books hold a wealth of knowledge waiting to be unlocked and accessed by you. When you read, you learn and when you learn, you grow. Apart from being a well read intellectual, you get to become self confident and totally super cool!


  • Be a Super Hero...Save The World!


This is simple. Reading opens up your minds to bright new ideas and the education you get is indispensable. The world needs people who read to refresh it with bright ideas and make it a better place.


  • Just Have Fun!


Above all, reading is fun! There are a lot of genres to pick from like Romance, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Action and a whole lot more to keep you on your toes. There are books to match your moods and to lift you up from a depressed place. What’s life without a little fun? Go read a book today!

In the comment section below, share with us other fun reasons to read and the latest book you have read.

Purple People Read!

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10 months ago: purple Trophy
Reading makes me feel good,like am in a whole new world...sometimes,i cant really explain it
1 year ago:
1 year ago:
+ bad traits get binned after submitting yourself to reading good books.

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