Purple Academy Testimonials

Here's what young people like you are saying about the Purple Academy!

‘’I wish each school will provide this at enrolment for new students!’’

‘’The uniqueness is something else’’

‘’I learnt so much. It challenged me. It is inspiring and motivating.’’

‘’It was mindboggling… I was like ‘Oh boy, oh boy!’ So enlightening. Even being a medical student I was so enlightened.’’

‘’I thought it will be boring… but then I loved it. It asked for my opinion. I enjoyed myself’’

‘’I really enjoyed myself. It had a user friendly interface. We students are used to being preached to, but this made us think so it was fun’’

‘’For me I love it and you guys are just too much,  you just have make me happy!’’

‘’I am giving this site five Good star* shine on! Happy to be here.’’

‘’I love it not only because I use it to occupy myself but because I learn also from it. It been fun.’’

‘’Wow its nice being here, and I hope it will b a great impact on the youth of nowadays.’’

‘’Its very enlightening. Easy to use/friendly. I have learnt alot within the short space of time.’’

‘’I believe it will go along to affect the lives of others thereby spreading the purple good news to a wide audience.’’

‘’It’s very educative, inspirational and motivative. I love it.’’

‘’What I like about the academy is that it’s what it had promised to be. Real, Original, helpful and educating.’’

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