Purple Academy: Find out more

1. The basics

  • The Purple Academy has 6 chapters designed to give you new skills, open your eyes to new ways of thinking, and help you reach your full potential!
  • Complete all chapters to receive a Purple Academy Certificate!
  • Plus for each chapter completed, get an exclusive downloadable badge.
  • The Academy remembers where you stopped, so you can leave and come back as many times as you like.

2. How chapters work

  • You must complete Chapter 1 in order to unlock the other chapters
  • Once you have unlocked the others, we recommend completing them in the suggested order.
  • However, you can chose to take them in any order that you like!
  • Each chapter is divided into lessons, and each lesson has a variety of activities for you to explore – from reading, to quizzes, to discussions and more.

3. How much are you learning?

  • To complete each chapter, you'll be asked to answer a short questionnaire.
  • This helps us understand if the course is helping you learn new things.
  • On completing the questionnaire, you'll receive your badge for that chapter.

4. Track your progress

  • As you complete each activity, lesson and chapter, you’ll see a tick appear against the item.
  • This will help you track which items you’ve completed and which you still need to do.
  • Items that are locked show a 'stop sign' symbol.
  • Items that you have started but not completed show an 'in progress' symbol.
  • As you collect badges, the badge tracker will turn your badges from grey to colourful
  • Once you collect 6 badges, you unlock a trophy to share on social media, plus your Certificate of Completion

4. Feedback

  • This is a real first for purple.apps.every1mobile.net and in fact for Nigeria, so we’ll be checking in with you along the way to get your feedback. 
  • Are you finding the course helpful, inspiring? What’s not so good about it? Let us know in the Feedback section on the home page.

5. What you need

  • You need nothing but your brain and an internet enabled phone, tablet or computer! 
  • If you're on a smartphone, tablet or computer, select 'Switch to Lite' in the site menu to save your data.

6. Why you need to login

  • We ask you to login so we can save your progress through the course. 
  • If you don't login, we won't know where you got to during your last visit. 
  • Logging in also tells us some basic information like if you're a guy or girl, and how old you are. This information helps us make sure the course is reaching the people we want it to.
  •  For more information on this, visit Your Privacy.


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