Purple Tinz

Season 5 Episode 24: Not Under My Roof

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Olihe’s baby falls ill and Olihe’s mother blames her. Find out why.

Inside Papa Tosin’s house

The family is watching TV when a commercial for UNITAG comes up. Tosin’s father comments that JAMB results have been out for a while, how come Tosin hasn’t gone to check? Tosin’s mother calls out for. Tosin joins them in the lounge. Her mother asks why they haven’t heard anything about her JAMB results?

Tosin says she gone to check them. Her mother then asks why she hasn’t told them about it. Before Tosin can answer, her father comments that it’s because she failed and he should have sent her off for marriage a long time ago.

Tosin tells them that she didn’t fail. In fact she came 5th highest in her set. Tosin’s parents exclaim in jubilation. While they’re celebrating, Tosin’s brother, Soji, walks in and he joins in on the celebrations. Tosin’s mother notices that Tosin is not excited and asks what’s wrong with her. Tosin says she doesn’t want to go to the University. Everyone is shocked. Tosin explains that she’d prefer to attend a technical college.

Her father comments that Tosin passed JAMB excellently and has made him very proud; if it’s about the money - she shouldn’t worry herself. Plus she can easily get into any university of her choice, why would she want a technical college?
Tosin says what she wants to do is better learnt at a technical college. He asks what that is and she replies that she wants to become an automobile engine specialist.

Her father doesn’t understand what that is and asks her to explain. She explains further but her parents still struggle to understand until her brother jumps in and tells them that she wants to become a mechanic.
Her father is in a manic state and responds “not under my roof!”.

Outside Papa Tosin’s house

The generator mechanic fiddles with the gen, Tosin’s father asks how far, is the job done? The mechanic says there’s no hope for the gen, they can only carry it to the workshop and sell it for scrap and he’ll be able to get good value for it.

Tosin’s father is irritated; he has a match by 6pm and the mechanic had promised he could get the job done in a few minutes.
The mechanic quickly tells Umaru (his boy) to load the gen onto the bike, they need to carry it to the workshop and start dismantling. Tosin enquires about the issue with the engine. The mechanic tells them that the gen don die. Her father asks what she means. Tosin explains that with the sound she hears coming from the generator, she knows what’s wrong and can fix it.

The mechanic scoffs and tells them that they should just sell it for scraps and use that money to buy a new generator which will cost him 5k.
But Tosin fiddles with the engine and it works. Her father is happy and tells the Mechanic for his money, the mechanic returns the money.

Inside Papa’s Tosin’s house

Soji is chatting with his friend. His friend requests to speak to Tosin. Sojin calls out for her. Soji’s friend asks her what magic she worked on the generator earlier in the day. Tosin tells him it’s not magic, just simple mechanical science. He asks Tosin to go with him to fix to 4 generators. Tosin is excited but then remarks that her father doesn’t want her to do mechanics, at least not under his roof. Sojin responds by reminding her that she won’t always be under their father’s roof.

Would you let a female mechanic work on your car? Join the chat.

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Saleh’s trip to London doesn’t go as planned.


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