Your Privacy on Purple Academy

The Purple Academy is a space where people come to learn, but it's also a place to feel safe and supported. Read on to find out more about your privacy when using the Purple Academy.

1. Signing up

  • When you sign up or login, we gather information about you to store in our database.
  • This information helps us know how many individual people have taken part in the Academy. This helps us understand how many people we are reaching.
  •  The information you share on your age, gender, location etc. helps us make sure we are reaching the right kind of person with our content.

2. Our privacy pledge to you

  • The combination of your real name and contact details that you share when signing up will never be shared with anyone else unless you give your permission.
  • The information you give about yourself is entirely anonymous. Unless you give your permission, any opinions, thoughts, or messages you send to us will never be associated with the combination of your real name and contact details. 

3. Your comments in Purple Academy

  • The Purple Academy gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions on a variety of topics. When you post a comment, your username will appear next to that comment.
  • Sometimes, we decide topics are sensitive and that comments will appear anonymously. In this case we will tell you 'your comments will be published anonymously' before you post.
  •  If you don't want your name to appear, please create an account and use a nickname. You can change your nickname in your profile, which you can access on the Purple website home page.
  • Comments shared on the site may be shared with our partners for monitoring and evaluation purposes. However, your comments will never be associated with the combination of your name or contact details, unless you give us your permission first.

4. Measurement

  • At the end of each chapter, we ask you to answer a short questionnaire in order to unlock your badge
  • We collect this information to see if the content is helping your learn new things, or changing your attitude on certain topics.
  • This information helps us see if we are doing a good job or need to make some improvements to the content.
  • Your answers are private and will never be shared in combination with your name.

5. Notifications

  • You can subscribe to SMS and email updates from the Purple Academy by signing up on 'Get Updates', accessible from Purple Academy home page.
  • If you change your mind about receiving updates, you can unsubscribe at any time by visiting the same Updates page.

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