Purple Gist: Whose responsibility is it to avoid getting pregnant?

In a recent research report titled Being a Man in Nigeria, 60% of men said that they believed that it is a woman’s responsibility to avoid getting pregnant. This week, we want to put a Purple lens on this statement and discuss what it really means to be a 50/50 man.

In many Nollywood movies, we have watched women get accused of getting pregnant in a bid to tie down the man and get him to marry her. This ideology has sipped into society with many believing that it is indeed the responsibility of the woman to not get pregnant.

This week, Purple is asking why can’t men be held responsible too after all, it takes two to tango and make a baby!

Whose responsibility is it to avoid getting pregnant? Let us know on this week’s Purple Gist!

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1 month ago: purple Trophy
To me it de both responsibility to stay away from sex, else pregnacy must surely come
2 months ago:
Well, its known that they both have a special role to play in other to avoid such but, the female has more of the responsibility on her.
2 months ago: purple Trophy
dats not true,just because d has responsibility over her body,doesn't mean d pregnance is her fault,dey are both faulty,equally 50/50
3 months ago: purple Trophy
The two are involved, mostly the female because no matter what she is the one to make thing going

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