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As a Purple Ninja, you believe in activism and working towards creating a better Naija.

That’s why Make Naija Stronger, a site dedicated to improving Nigeria’s health sector & political activism, needs you!

End Nigeria’s health crisis

In 2001, the government signed the Abuja Declaration which promised to spend at least 15% of their budget on healthcare. Over 16 years later and the government has failed to action that promise.

Every year the result is devastating:

  • 58 000 infants contract HIV from their mothers
  • 750 000 children die before the age of 5
  • Around 58 000 mothers die from child-related causes

We need YOU to sign for change!

Join the Make Naija Stronger community where you can:

  • Sign the petition asking President Buhari to invest more money & resources to the health sector
  • Share your opinion on current affairs and stories that matter to you.
  • Test how well you know Nigerian culture

Together we can Make Naija Stronger.

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