Let's Celebrate our Purple Women of Action!

It’s International Women’s Day 2017! This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange.

How can you #BeBoldForChange?

No action is too small when it comes to making a difference and being bold. Play your part in promoting Purple values to your friends, classmates or even family members.

Take action with Purple and together we can create a 50/50 Nigeria!

Stories of Action!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we're giving the spotlight to the phenomenal women of Purple!

Whether it’s standing up to their boyfriends or family members - these women are doing their bit to promote Purple values!

Here are their stories…

Cute Winny, Anambra

Purple oooh, sparkle ooh. Since the existence of purple, I stand vehemently to say that PURPLE is really a great means of impacting positive change in our society today.

And am glad to be part of the positive changers by enlightening people within my locality and inviting them to join the purple club, purple safe space and as well as encouraging them to take the purple academy online, of which they are testifying positively to the wonderful impacts it has brought to their lives.

Obonganwan Esther, Akwa Ibom

Last week my male friends were arguing in school that women are too sluggish in the way they do things and they can never be a leader.

I shut them up by telling them that what they said is lie, a woman or a girl can be a leader. I was bold and I told them that we are all equal.Both male and female should be treated equally.Thanks to purple.

Martha David, Kaduna

While I was taking the course for purple academy my boyfriend broke up with me for no reason. Though it has always been like that he goes and returned and because I loved him I always say yes he treat me like trash at times as if I don't know anything so after this course of cos I learned a lot.

He is giving excuses to be with me which I believe he is late I've learned to love myself and amidst that, I've chosen to be the best and not let men look down on me and also I told my course mate and friends on WhatsApp to join and study the chapters carefully.

Nafeez, Kano

I tell girls about purple Tina and purple academy in school, I give them the site and sometimes give out my phone for them to do the online course, I look for girls to participate in the purple safe space program in school although am not part of the brand Ambassador but I just want them to do the course and understand the message.

Harlihmart Mustapha, Kano

There is a stereotype believe that a female child should not be allowed into the families affair or allowed to make decisions because she would be married off someday, it also occurs in my family in which we the female children are not pleased with it.But when I started attending purple space program I learnt a lot about female right and our importance in the society, I talked to my father about it and God so good he was able to listen and now not just that I contribute to the decision of the house but now we can also have our education to the level we want to.

These women of action deserve a round of applause!

If you want to be featured as a woman or man of action on the site, share your story of taking action!

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